Customer will automatically receive the Smart Cabi’s  journey Acknowledgment’ email notification for that journey (s) you have paid for. You are responsible for checking that the details have been sent to us is correct.

You are going to receive a journey details via email or text message when journey has been assigned to the driver. This will contain journey instructions where to pick up, drop off or as directed by the consumer and driver contact number. Smart Cabi is not liable to refund you in case you have forgotten to take information regarding cancelling with us.

We advise passenger has to plan to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior flight departure that to allow for any possible unpredicted delays in case, accidents, traffic jam, breakdowns, Severe weather conditions , roads works or any unforeseen circumstances. Smart Cabi does not take any responsibility if passengers missing their flights in order to any situation come across.

Smart Cabi does not accept any kind of responsibility for any passenger missing their Flights if 3 hours check in time was not allowed.

Please make sure you have provided us your arrival times and day and flight number in to the UK and not give us your departure information.

All passengers are advised to have an adequate travel insurance prior booking/journey.

Smart Cabi does not accept any responsibility for costs are to be refunded to any passengers who do not wait for their driver and has taken alternative transport.

No responsibility in any way if the passenger allowance luggage requirements are exceeded the capacity/volume of the vehicle booked, if you are unsure about the capacity of the vehicle which has booked please contact to

If your flight has any circumstances causing delay or for any serious delays please let us know as soon as possible.

Smart Cabi uses their own transport wherever possible but do use third party transport or companies where an appropriate.

Reservation made for the service on the following dates and timing will be subject to have an additional 50% surcharges on given prices : at 24th December 18:00 to at 26th December 23:59 and at 31st December 18:00 to at 1st January 23:59 other days may also be affected.