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Places to visit near Abingdon

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To quote a fascinating book about our area and the Vale of Abingdon and Old Berkshire Downs, Abingdon-on-Thames ‘away from the madding beaches’. Free map guides are available at the Tourist and Community Information Centre at Guildhall, the top end of Bridge Street in the city center. There are four floors of books available and a fantastic history of the area.

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Why not bring your family to a new museum’s immersive experience of changing exhibits, workshops and kids’ activities, The County Hall Museum of Abingdon is right at the center of the city, overlooking Market Place, and is open for all visitors.

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Abbey Buildings

When the men of Henry VIII dismantled the Abbey that made the city famous, several medieval buildings along the river were left behind, which were finally saved by the Friends of Abingdon.

Abbey Gardens & Abbey Meadow

The Abbey Gardens are a nice walk, with simple, flat paths and wide gates. The statue of Victoria and the ruins that have tricked many tourists into believing that they have seen the remnants of Abingdon Abbey can be found among the cultivated flower displays.

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St Helen’s Wharf & Gardens

The former St Helens Wharf is worth a walk to do as it is a lovely place overlooking the Thames, however, in the early days it was the other source of wealth and value for the region.

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Long Gallery, Abingdon Abbey

One of the few remaining buildings of the great Abingdon mediaeval abbey is the Long Gallery. The ground floor was presumably a stable or storeroom, while two wide heated chambers were above, with three west-facing ante-rooms and a single east-facing chamber and stairway.

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